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Couple of months ago when I was going over schedules with Peggy, she pointed out this week and mentioned that it’s a week of fall break for NBS, and she’ll be in New York taking Christine Wright’s ballet classes. She said, “maybe you’ll be in New York too” so I had this idea in back of my head for awhile. And then few months later when Porter Airline offered 50% discount for their flight tickets, I had to go for it and book the flight. I got here in NY on Sunday all excited to take different classes in the city, but then hurricane Sandy also decided to come to town. Last two weeks have been long days of work schedule, so it was an opportunity where I fully got to rest, but what a way of getting it! Peggy unfortunately is in Manhattan in the area where there is no power, and I’ve been stuck in Brooklyn, fortunately with power. Luckily, our flight to Toronto is in service now, and where Peggy is staying thinks they’ll have power again from tomorrow/ Saturday afternoon. My feeling goes towards people who are affected by the damage, and thank you so much for people who are working towards the city to function regularly again.

Recently, the company/ Peggy Baker Dance Projects has opened a blog. Peggy and Meaghan Davis who work for us in the office have been posting, and my writing (linked from this blog) is going to appear on it also. To view the blog, please check out the link:

The tickets to Stereophonic (Feb 27– March 3, 2013) just opened for sale, and there is early bird discount when booked before December 24th. For farther information, please check out the link:








大分前ですが、今シーズンのスケジュールをPeggyと確認している際に、今週を指してNBSが一週間秋休みになるからニューヨークのChristine Wrightのバレエ・クラスを受けに行く、との事。「Saharaもこの週は、ニューヨークに行けるよ」とフラっと言われ、可能性として一応頭の片隅に置いておきました。数ヶ月後、トロント近辺の都市に行く時便利なPorter Airlineが半額セールをしていて、即決で行く事に。日曜日にニューヨークに着き、色んなクラスを受けるのを楽しみにしていたのですが、あいにくハリケーンSandyも街に上陸。この2週間は忙しくしていたので、ゆっくり休める機会にはなりましたが、なにもこんな状況じゃなくても、と複雑な想いです。Peggyは残念ながらマンハッタンの停電が続いているエリアに居て、私は結局1週間ブルックリンで過ごしました。幸い私たちのトロント行きの飛行機は運行される事になっていて、Peggyが居るエリアの停電も明日/土曜日の午後には終わるとの事。災害に遭われた方々への心配する想い、そして街の復帰に関わっている方々への感謝の気持ちで一杯です。

Peggy Baker Dance Projectsがカンパニー・ブログを始めました。主にPeggyとオフィスで働くMeaghen Davisが投稿していますが、このブログからの私の文章も投稿されます。リンクは:


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