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This week included being around multi wonderful dances; observing Peggy rehearse Brute for a student at School of Toronto Dance Theatre, helped stage revised duet version of Piano/Quartet for boys at the Canada’s National Ballet School, demonstrating for technique classes, running sound for Peggy performing Disappearance of Right and Left, and resuming rehearsal for the father creation of the new piece, Split Screen Stereophonic.

Rehearsal for the new creation is full of joy, and now that we’ve started to use different music, it’s been extra stimulating and exciting. I find myself learning a lot, just by being inside of studio with wonderful artists as well as true nice people. And I also feel challenged by the need of keeping up to meet there level.

As one of many learning experience, I’ve been also learning new vocabularies. Even though I’ve been living in English speaking environment for more then half of my life, English is my second language and I sometimes bump into words or an expression that either I haven’t learnt, or I’ve learnt but never had a chance to use and have forgotten altogether… Often those new words aren’t something that gets used in my daily life, but now I have bundle of words that I learnt from rehearsals and classes. My collection from the past includes; slinky, sock puppet, hourglass, lozenge, Moose Jaw (a city in Saskatchewan, Canada), undulate, etc etc. And this week, my new word was “rendering”.  New discovery always becomes happy moments…!











今週は色々な踊りに触れられた一週間でした。PeggyとSchool of Toronto Dance Theatreの学生さんの今度の学校公演で踊られるBruteのリハーサル見学。Canada’s National Ballet Schoolの男子生徒さん達が踊る、デゥエットに、そして短く改造されるバージョンのPianp/Quartetをリハーサル・アシスタントとしてのステージングのお手伝い。クラスのデモンストレーター。Peggyが踊るDisappearance of Right and Leftの音だしを担当。そして新作、Split Screen Stereophonicのクリエーションも再開されました。


色々学んで行く中で、新しい単語や言い回しも習う機会が多いです。気づけばもう英語を話す生活の方が長くなっていますが、なんだかんだと知らない、または習ったであろうが使わないので覚えていない単語がフラっと出てきます。大体普段使わないものが多いのですが、クラスやリハーサルから習った単語は着々と増えていっています。Slinky/バネのおもちゃ、sock puppet/靴下で作る手人形、hourglass/砂時計、lozenge/ひし型、Moose Jaw/カナダのSaskatchewanの都市名、undulate/うねらせる、などなど。そして今週習った単語はrendering/完成見取図、でした。          新しい知識を得る事は、いつも嬉しい出来事です。

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