cherry blossom

I heard that cherry blossom trees are blooming in Japan, and as I think of missing the view, I realize how it now totally slip off my mind that their new school year/ season starts in April. Growing up in Japan, I always felt the view of blooming pink flowers in relation to fresh new start going into a new grade, and now, I think of it as an authentic view of Japan and the season I hardly get to experience living in North America… It’s too bad that I never have long enough breaks during autumn nor spring to visit Japan, but I’m lucky to have a break this coming June and I’ll be there for a little under a month. I visited there last summer for the first time in seven years, so that was a big culture shock, but it shouldn’t be too bad this time… I’m hoping to teach as well as to visit, so please contact me if there is an opportunity for me to teach open-class, workshop, etc. I’m able to offer contemporary dance, repertory, and conditioning.

Many things to do before, but June will be right at my face before I know it!








* I’ve added contact on this web.






今回も帰国の目的のひとつとしてダンス・レッスンなどを教える事が出来たら、と思っています。オープン・クラスや講習会が出来る機会がありましたら、是非ご連絡下さい。教えられる内容はコンテンポラリー・ダンス、Peggy Bakerの作品のレパートリー・クラス、そしてコンディショニングです。それまでにやる事が沢山あってまだ自覚は無いのですが、6月は気づく頃には目の前なんだろうな、と思います。

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