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It was really nice to have had the chance to perform in Ottawa, and I’m very thankful for all the people whom made the stay very friendly and nice.  Staff& crew at NAC, the audience who came to the performance, Kirsten who organized Peggy’s master class, Sydney and Hollis who invited us to their home for absolutely wonderful post show party… Thank you so much!!!!

After coming back from Ottawa, I had a week of another inspirational week, taking classes by Christine Wright at STDT where she was guest teaching. She is based in New York, but I’ve been lucky enough to have had chance to take her class at least once a year, and as always, she has opened many doors of possibilities. I’m excited to explore with what she has shared, and I’m also super thrilled that she is coming to teach again so soon in August for PBDP’s summer intensive.

Looking into something farther, I signed up for 30days intro pack at a yoga studio, and began the practice this past Monday. I’ve done yoga, but not in a consistence base, so I’m curious to find out about the benefit of regular yoga practice. Hopefully I’ll get a taste of that in a month!





そしてオタワから戻ってからの1週間も、STDTにゲスト講師として教えに来ていたChristine Wrightクラスに通えたお陰で、引き続き得るものが多い時間が過ごせていました。New Yorkを拠点にしている先生なのですが、私はラッキーな事に年に1回は受けられている彼女のクラス。今回も様々な可能性に気付かされました。クラスで得た新たな課題に向かうのも楽しみなのですが、8月にPBDPのワークショップにまたトロントに来られるので、短期間のギャップでまた彼女のクラスが受けられる事が、凄く楽しみです。



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