day three: in japan

This is my day three in Japan visiting here. Last time I’d visited was a year ago, and back then, it was a first time in seven years, so a little less culture shock this time around… though I still am adjusting.

Yesterday, I was invited to teach a workshop, organized by a great friend Hiroko. She is a multi talented Pilates instructor, who I met by being in the same workshop in Toronto. We’ve connected right away and kept in touch, and this was the second time she has organized workshop for me to teach. I admire her curiosity towards new information and willingness to learn, and I love her warm personality. The workshop was divided into two sections and the other half was lead by my best friend Mariko. It was both very special that I got to take her class and also be part of the wonderful team. Many thanks to Hiroko, Mariko, and for those took time to participate.

Now, I’m taking mini trip to Kyoto. Being around historical buildings and authentic view of Japan; can’t go wrong with that!





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