time flies, back at home

I originally was slightly worried that the stay in Japan this time around would be too long. But thanks to all the people around me who’d filled the time with lots of fun and pleasure, close to a month flew by. I got to visit different parts of Japan, saw many beautiful views, and had many new discoveries.

Special thank you to Helen/ Yokohama Ballet Intensive, Kanako/ K2 Ballet, and Hiroko, for organizing workshops for me to teach.  And special thank you also for TOM, Mr.Hasegawa, and Shu for inviting me to live concerts and making opportunity to meet great artists.  And of course, thank you to friends &family for sharing wonderful time with lots of joy:)

Now back home in Toronto, I’m getting over jet lag, getting back in shape to start full dance schedule again (yay!), and trying to figure out how I can fit in sixteen books I bought into my bookshelf that’s already too full… Some down time before the crazily and excitingly busy summer ahead!


今回の日本への帰国のプランを立てた当初は、長過ぎるかなぁ、と正直少々心配だったのですが、 周りの皆様のお陰で楽しく充実した日々が過ごせ、あっという間の時間でした。

特に、ワークショップを主催して頂いた、Yokohama Ballet IntensiveのHelenさん、K2バレエ空間のカナコさん、ピラティス・インストラクター仲間のヒロコさん。そしてコンサートに呼んで頂き、 素敵なアーティストの方々との出会いの場を作ってくれた、TOMさん、長谷川さん、周さん。   心より感謝しています。ありがとうございました!そして家族と友達のみんな、楽しい時間を本当にありがとう。


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