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Just got back from amazing two weeks in Tel Aviv, taking Gaga Intensive, the movement language developed by Ohad Naharin. When the course ended, I felt full with inspiring ideas and information that were shared, and at the same time I felt empty by the sadness that it was over, now that I’d just started to feel myself able to process all the new information into my system. Though learning takes time, and I’m very much looking forward to spend time digesting ideas that were shared, and continue exploring Gaga inside of my own practice.

My time in Tel Aviv were mainly spent inside of studios at the beautiful Suzanne Dallal, so I didn’t get to explore the city as much as I had wished. But even with the little time I’ve gotten around made me love the city! Visiting Tel Aviv Museum of Art, which had beautiful building and interesting collections. Groceries shopping at the Carmel Market, where I got fresh fruits& vegetables, and the local lively vibe. Seeing dance performances, which were happening daily and the house were full or close to full in all the shows I went. It was so nice to see how active and curious people are towards performing art, and it was very much inspiring to see the Israeli dance scene. Swimming at the beach that felt like hot spring with because of the warm water& sand, despite that it was around eight in the evening. Visiting Beit Haamudim, the jazz bar right by the apartment, where they have live music on daily bases. Super kind manager& staff welcomed me to come in free for the music, so I fully took their generous offer and got to enjoy the groove to unwind the day, on frequent bases…! And the view, the culture, the people, the food, the language, etc. I loved it all:) People who has visited Japan mentioned that they experienced finding themselves in totally different part of the world, and I felt like I understood that by visiting Israel. Unreadable alphabets that looks like a design, overwhelming heat, different day of the week as a weekend… However, it didn’t take long to adjust and that I’m sure is because of kindness in people.


昨晩、テルアビブから帰国しました。Ohad Naharinの動きメソッド/Gagaを集中して学ぶことができた、2週間のGaga Intensiveは本当にあっという間で、コースが終わった時には学んだ事や新しい情報から得た大きな充実感と同時に、終わってしまった事への寂しさからの空白感で、なんだか複雑でした。でも学んだ事を吸収する事は時間がかかる事なので、今回得た事をちょっとずつ自分で消化して行くプロセスがすごく楽しみです。

テルアビブでの殆どの時間は、スタジオのあったSuzanne Dallalで過ごしていたので、残念ながら街の観光は殆ど出来ませんでしたが、少し触れられた部分からでも、街が大好きになりました!素敵な建物と興味深いコレクションがある、テルアビブ美術館。新鮮な野菜や果物、そして地元の人達の生活の雰囲気が味わえた、Carmel Market。ダンス公演の鑑賞で、イスラエルのダンス・シーンに触れられた事。多分小学生以来(?!) と、ひっさびさに行った海では夜8時頃行ったのに水も砂浜も温かく、波がある超天然の温泉みたいで癒された事。アパートのすぐそばにあったジャズバー/Beit Haamudimでは毎晩ライブが行われていて、「何も頼まなくっても音楽だけ聴きにきていいよ〜」というご好意にすっかり甘えて、頻繁におじゃまさせて頂きました。優しく気さくなオーナー&スタッフさんとジャズ・グルーヴに毎回元気をもらい、そのお陰で1日の疲労をちゃんと落とせた日も多かったので、感謝です! 他にも、景色や建物、文化、人達、食べ物、ヘブライ語、などなど、すべて魅力的でした。よく外人が日本に始めて行った時の事を「本当に異国の場所にいる感覚を体験した」と言っていますが、その感覚を私はイスラエルに行った事で共感できた気がします。ロゴにしか見えなく全く分からないアルファベット、猛暑、日曜日ではなく、土曜日が祝日な所。でも慣れるのにあまり時間はかからず、それも現地の人達の優しさのお陰かな、なんて思いました。

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