he:she, PBDP’s Toronto program, was so wonderful to be part of. All four choreographies very unique and beautiful in their own way, and all the performers were individual and powerful. It was true honor to perform with them.

The dance I performed, Sylvan/Quartet, was a great challenge and librating piece to dance. I had huge pleasure of performing with fantastic musicians, Shauna Rolston/cello, Max Christie/ clarinet, John Kameel Farah/ piano. The need of extra alertness with listening to the music and the energy I gained from them made this piece very lively and exciting to dance. There were some days before the opening, I’d wake up in morning and felt completely nervous about performing this dance. But then I realized how fantastic it was to get to perform with three amazing musicians (and how silly it was to get my nerve get into the way!), which made me able to get on with my day with feel of joy.

From two weeks run of this program, I feel I was able to learn and grow. I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has made these performances possible. Program like this, made me really realize, how wonderful it is to be part of collaborative acts.


PBDPのトロント公演、he:sheが無事終わりました。4作品、全て違ったカタチで個性をもつ素敵なプログラムで、その上パフォーマーの方々が全員素晴らしく、このプログラムに関われた事をとても誇りに思います。私の出演させて頂いた作品、Sylvan/Quartetでは、チェロ奏者のShauna Rolston、クラリネット奏者のMax Christie、そしてピアノのJohn Kameel Farahと、本当に素晴らしいミュージシャンの方々との共演で、たくさんの挑戦と同時にそれ以上の充実感が得られた作品でした。初演前には作品の事を考えると緊張一色になってしまう瞬間もあったのですが、ミュージシャンの方々からの活力溢れるエネルギーと一緒に踊れるんだ!と思うだけで、楽しみな気持ちの方が自然と勝っていて、毎回プラスな気持ちでリハーサルに励む事が出来ました。



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