Performance for this season has wrapped at the end of May; each and every shows were unique and special that I wish I had time to write all about it. land/body/breath at gorgeous Art Gallery of Ontario, performing both coalesce and Split Screen Stereophonic in same program at Mississauga Living Arts Centre, and coming back to In a Single Bound after four years, performing for AKA Dance at Flux Dance Festival… well, time flew by and now I’m in Japan!

After getting japan rail pass, I decided to make a mini trip to Nagasaki. It was the city that I’ve always wanted to visit because of the history of war, but also because it’s the city where my father grew up in. Nagasaki is located western tip end of Japan, so it took good 8hrs on train (since the pass don’t allow me to take the fastest fast train) that made my three days visit more like two. Though I was able to see a lot; Atomic Bomb Museum, peace park, tour to battleship island, Mount Inasa for its night view, Dejima, Nagasaki Prefectural Art Museum. Last summer I visited Kyoto where I got in touch with Japanese culture by seeing what was built and created, and in Nagasaki, it was by seeing what got lost. It was different, but deep and amazing experience that I’m so glad I went, especially as a Japanese person. I also discovered that people in Nagasaki are friendly, warm, and super kind! I went to visit elementary school that my father went to, which turned out to be right at the mountain where there were no simple roads, just hills and stairs… I stopped by a store for direction, and the store owner ended up taking me right to the bottom of the stairs of the school by car, driven by his client! So, after my first week of stay in Japan, I so far feel welcomed:)


今シーズンの舞台が5月末に無事終わりました。春にあった公演は個々どれも興味深く、良い経験が出来ました。AGOというアート・ギャラリーで行われたland/body/breath、coalesceとSplit Screen Stereophonicを初めて同じプログラムで踊ったMississaugaでの公演、そして4年ぶりにAKA DanceのIn a Single Boundを第一回となったFlux Dance Festivalにて踊れた事。文章としてどれも書き留めておきたかった経験ばかりですが、目の前の事に追われている内に、気づけばもう6月。只今日本に来ております。



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