tel aviv: wk one

It’s been a week since I’ve arrived in Tel Aviv. This cough I’ve had since few days before I traveled (that sort of turned into a cold which I decided not to admit) is close to being gone, getting around the city without being too lost, and luckily this week wasn’t overly heated, so compare to last year, it’s been a bit easier to adjust to the heat.

This visit is different then the last; I don’t want to make any political statement, but someone said just by dancing is a statement, and maybe it is. Daily sirens are making everyone nervous, and streets are quieter. But the life here still goes on and it’s still wonderful to be here. Taking daily Gaga classes, seeing performance of The Hole by Batsheva Dance Company, visit to Tel Aviv Museum of Art, beautiful food, warm people; someone always come up to me to make sure that I feel fine when the siren goes off. A clay artist who comes regularly to gaga/people class mentioned that she comes to dance to be free from stress of the war. I feel grateful then ever going into studio daily, and to dance.



昨年とは状況が違い、政治的な事への意見を書くつもりはありませんが、踊るっていう事自体が主張になる、と言っていた方がいて、そうかもな、なんて思いました。毎日鳴るサイレンに街の人達が緊張しているのも、人通りが去年と比べて少ないのも事実。でも住民の方々の生活は続いていますし、街も相変わらず魅力的です。第一目的だったGagaのクラスを毎日受講し、Batsheva Dance CompanyのThe Holeの舞台観賞、テルアビブ美術館での美術鑑賞、美味しい食べ物、そして温かい人達。サイレンが鳴った際には必ず誰かが、大丈夫?と声をかけて下さります。昨年もお会いしたgaga/peopleクラスの常連さんが、戦争のストレスから解放される為に踊りにくるの、とおっしゃっていました。毎日スタジオを訪れ、踊れる事。この日常の喜びを、いつも以上に感じています。

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