Here is an interview I did with Vinyl Brew Revue last summer…!

I’m very excited to be part of Dance Matters Series 2 – Rebel Yells, to perform Nothing III, a solo I commissioned by Noa Zuk & Ohad Fishof. Here is a link to a blog post I wrote about little ob bit of the process…!

Feb 20/ 20:00, and Feb 21/ 16:00. Tickets are available online to save your seats!

Hope you can join us:)

I’m a fan of languages, but I’m also very aware that they’re not my strength. I might appear as bilingual, but I speak English with a Japanese accent and my Japanese is rusty. So I feel quite privileged being part of two projects that have to do with “words”. The Perfect Word, is fourth Nuit Blanche Project with PBDP, and I’m one of ten dancers who speaks different language as their native language. I had a week of creation/ rehearsal with Peggy last week, and despite that connecting to Japanese in relation to movement was a big challenge, I feel I got to discover something new through this process. I’m excited to work on the dance now that the creation is done, and to get a chance to perform this twelve times in one night! Another project was offered to me in during my visit in Japan, where I got asked to be one of 30 people to write an essay about “hope”. I wrote this essay towards Japanese readers especially for those in my generation. It was interesting process, reviewing my perspective as Japanese and searching ways to describe what I can share… This HOPE BOOK, is now published online and will be sold this week at The Tokyo Art Book Fair 2014.

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more info about The Perfect Word:

more infer about HOPE BOOK:


言語は好きで興味のある事ですが、得意か不得意かでいうと、完全に私は不得意です。バイリンガルというと聞こえはいいですが、英語は強くないとはいえ訛っているし、日本語もこちらに来た17年前からあまり上達していません。そんな私に「言葉」に関わるプロジェクトが2つもきて、挑戦もありつつ嬉しく思っています。 The Perfect Wordは今回で4回目の参加となるNuit Blancheにて公演する、PBDPの今シーズンひとつ目のプロジェクトです。母国語が異なった10人のダンサーの中のひとりとして参加しています。先週、クリエーションのリハーサルがあったのですが、普段動きを考える時は英語ばかりなので、日本語との繋がりを見つけるのに悪戦苦闘しましたが、その分新しい発見が出来た気がします。本番までに仕上げていくプロセスも楽しみですし、12回も一晩でこの作品を踊る経験が出来る事にも、とってもワクワクしています。もうひとつは、帰省中に声を掛けて頂いた、願望をテーマに作られた文集、HOPE BOOKへのエッセイの執筆。色々と想いが多く、まとめるのが難しかったですが、自分の視点や考えを見つめ直せた気がします。プロジェクト・チームの皆さんの沢山の頑張りと私を含めて30人のエッセイが詰まったこの本は、ウェブサイトにてご購入出来る他、今週のThe Tokyo Art Book Fair 2014にてもお求め頂けます。

After preciously wonderful time in Tel Aviv, I went straight into full days of teaching for Peggy Baker Dance Projects’ a week intensive, that was also very rich and exciting. I was very fortunate to had many chances to travel this summer, but neither of trips to Japan nor to Israel was full “vacation”, so I took a week off from dancing after the intensive to rest the body, do other things, and to take a break… Though I’m not really good at taking break, I’m happy I did, because it was a full joy coming back to dancing!

Total treasure of the dance world, Christine Wright has moved to Toronto and has started to teach regular classes in the city as of last week. Without an exaggeration, I know that taking her class on daily bases is like having a winning ticket confirming your growth. So, joining her class starting yesterday was just my first step… I’m so excited that there are more:)


* for farther information about daily classes with Chrisitne. クラスの詳細はこちらにてご覧下さい:


テルアビブでは貴重で充実した時間が過ごせ、トロントに戻って直後にはPeggy Baker Dance Projectsのintensiveにて講師として1週間のこれまた充実した時間が過ごせました。有り難い事に今年は色んな場所に訪れる機会があったのですが、 どれも休暇目的ではなかったので、先週一杯は休暇を取っていました。踊りから離れると、また戻った時に発見出来る事が多いので、身体を休める事以外でもお休みって大事なんです…と、頭では分かっていてもお休みを取るのはまだ苦手な私。でも確り休んだかいがあり、今週から良いコンディションとモチベーションで踊りを再開できました。

ダンス界で本当に貴重な存在な、講師Christine Wrightが長年のニューヨークから拠点をトロントに移し、先週からレギュラークラスを教え始めています。大げさでは決してなく、彼女のクラスを毎日受講出来る事によって、自分の成長は約束されたと同然に感じます。だから昨日はその道のりの第一歩。これからも続けて受講出来る事が本当に楽しみです。


It’s been a week since I’ve arrived in Tel Aviv. This cough I’ve had since few days before I traveled (that sort of turned into a cold which I decided not to admit) is close to being gone, getting around the city without being too lost, and luckily this week wasn’t overly heated, so compare to last year, it’s been a bit easier to adjust to the heat.

This visit is different then the last; I don’t want to make any political statement, but someone said just by dancing is a statement, and maybe it is. Daily sirens are making everyone nervous, and streets are quieter. But the life here still goes on and it’s still wonderful to be here. Taking daily Gaga classes, seeing performance of The Hole by Batsheva Dance Company, visit to Tel Aviv Museum of Art, beautiful food, warm people; someone always come up to me to make sure that I feel fine when the siren goes off. A clay artist who comes regularly to gaga/people class mentioned that she comes to dance to be free from stress of the war. I feel grateful then ever going into studio daily, and to dance.



昨年とは状況が違い、政治的な事への意見を書くつもりはありませんが、踊るっていう事自体が主張になる、と言っていた方がいて、そうかもな、なんて思いました。毎日鳴るサイレンに街の人達が緊張しているのも、人通りが去年と比べて少ないのも事実。でも住民の方々の生活は続いていますし、街も相変わらず魅力的です。第一目的だったGagaのクラスを毎日受講し、Batsheva Dance CompanyのThe Holeの舞台観賞、テルアビブ美術館での美術鑑賞、美味しい食べ物、そして温かい人達。サイレンが鳴った際には必ず誰かが、大丈夫?と声をかけて下さります。昨年もお会いしたgaga/peopleクラスの常連さんが、戦争のストレスから解放される為に踊りにくるの、とおっしゃっていました。毎日スタジオを訪れ、踊れる事。この日常の喜びを、いつも以上に感じています。

Being in Japan already feel ages ago and before losing the opportunity, I want to thank everyone who has made my stay fulfilling; Helen Price/ Yokohama Ballet Intensive, Minori/ Away At Performing Arts, Piroko, and Miya/ Brighton Studio Daikanyama, for creating opportunity for me to teach, Broken Sport, Girasoul, and Mountain Mocha Kilimanjaro for their wonderful performances, Mariko for having me at her beautiful wedding, Studio Marie Anne for amazing lessons, and friends& family for the great time!

For this past one and a half week, I demonstrated for Peggy’s wonderful classes at the National Ballet School’s summer school. And now, I’m off to Tel Aviv! Deepest thank you to Canada Council for the Arts; this trip to study Gaga is covered through their grant and it’s so wonderful to be stress free financially. I’m sure that there would be lots to learn, to observe, and for sure to grow from!

Toronto- Tokyo- Tel Aviv ; I guess I’m into cities that starts with “T”.



* left: recording where my family have visited. right: my hand made navigation in japan.     左:家族が行った事ある場所を記録した世界地図。 右:スマホもなく、方向音痴の私の必需品、手書きのナビ。日本滞在中のもの。


3週間の日本滞在も、過ぎてしまうと大分前の事だった気分に…、と機会を完全に逃してしまう前に、この場を借りてお礼を言わせて下さい。教える場所を提供して下さいました、Yokohama Ballet Intensiveのヘレンさん、日の出町団地スタジオの美里さん、Brighton Studio DikanyamaのMiyaくん。素敵なライブで良い刺激をたくさんくれた、Broken Sportさん、Girasoulさん、Mountain Mocha Kilimanjaroさん。心よりその場に居れた事に喜び感じた結婚式に招待してくれた、まりまり。素晴らしいレッスンを受講させて頂いたスタジオ・マリィアンヌさん。そして再会できた大切な友人達と、素敵な出会いが出来た初めましてだった方々。充実した時間を本当にどうもありがとうございました!!!

この1週間半は、PeggyのクラスのデモンストレーションをNational Ballet Schoolの夏期講習にて担当させて頂いていました。そしてこれからテルアビブに向かいます。グラントという国からの補助金が下りて、その援助の元、Gagaを学びに行ける事になりました。ダメ元で申請していたので、信じられないくらい嬉しいっ!感謝の気持ちで一杯です。

Toronto- Tokyo- Tel Avivと、この夏はTの付く街にご縁があるみたいです。

Performance for this season has wrapped at the end of May; each and every shows were unique and special that I wish I had time to write all about it. land/body/breath at gorgeous Art Gallery of Ontario, performing both coalesce and Split Screen Stereophonic in same program at Mississauga Living Arts Centre, and coming back to In a Single Bound after four years, performing for AKA Dance at Flux Dance Festival… well, time flew by and now I’m in Japan!

After getting japan rail pass, I decided to make a mini trip to Nagasaki. It was the city that I’ve always wanted to visit because of the history of war, but also because it’s the city where my father grew up in. Nagasaki is located western tip end of Japan, so it took good 8hrs on train (since the pass don’t allow me to take the fastest fast train) that made my three days visit more like two. Though I was able to see a lot; Atomic Bomb Museum, peace park, tour to battleship island, Mount Inasa for its night view, Dejima, Nagasaki Prefectural Art Museum. Last summer I visited Kyoto where I got in touch with Japanese culture by seeing what was built and created, and in Nagasaki, it was by seeing what got lost. It was different, but deep and amazing experience that I’m so glad I went, especially as a Japanese person. I also discovered that people in Nagasaki are friendly, warm, and super kind! I went to visit elementary school that my father went to, which turned out to be right at the mountain where there were no simple roads, just hills and stairs… I stopped by a store for direction, and the store owner ended up taking me right to the bottom of the stairs of the school by car, driven by his client! So, after my first week of stay in Japan, I so far feel welcomed:)


今シーズンの舞台が5月末に無事終わりました。春にあった公演は個々どれも興味深く、良い経験が出来ました。AGOというアート・ギャラリーで行われたland/body/breath、coalesceとSplit Screen Stereophonicを初めて同じプログラムで踊ったMississaugaでの公演、そして4年ぶりにAKA DanceのIn a Single Boundを第一回となったFlux Dance Festivalにて踊れた事。文章としてどれも書き留めておきたかった経験ばかりですが、目の前の事に追われている内に、気づけばもう6月。只今日本に来ております。