he:she, PBDP’s Toronto program, was so wonderful to be part of. All four choreographies very unique and beautiful in their own way, and all the performers were individual and powerful. It was true honor to perform with them.

The dance I performed, Sylvan/Quartet, was a great challenge and librating piece to dance. I had huge pleasure of performing with fantastic musicians, Shauna Rolston/cello, Max Christie/ clarinet, John Kameel Farah/ piano. The need of extra alertness with listening to the music and the energy I gained from them made this piece very lively and exciting to dance. There were some days before the opening, I’d wake up in morning and felt completely nervous about performing this dance. But then I realized how fantastic it was to get to perform with three amazing musicians (and how silly it was to get my nerve get into the way!), which made me able to get on with my day with feel of joy.

From two weeks run of this program, I feel I was able to learn and grow. I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has made these performances possible. Program like this, made me really realize, how wonderful it is to be part of collaborative acts.


PBDPのトロント公演、he:sheが無事終わりました。4作品、全て違ったカタチで個性をもつ素敵なプログラムで、その上パフォーマーの方々が全員素晴らしく、このプログラムに関われた事をとても誇りに思います。私の出演させて頂いた作品、Sylvan/Quartetでは、チェロ奏者のShauna Rolston、クラリネット奏者のMax Christie、そしてピアノのJohn Kameel Farahと、本当に素晴らしいミュージシャンの方々との共演で、たくさんの挑戦と同時にそれ以上の充実感が得られた作品でした。初演前には作品の事を考えると緊張一色になってしまう瞬間もあったのですが、ミュージシャンの方々からの活力溢れるエネルギーと一緒に踊れるんだ!と思うだけで、楽しみな気持ちの方が自然と勝っていて、毎回プラスな気持ちでリハーサルに励む事が出来ました。



Coming back in town from six days visit in Frederickton last Monday evening, and then going straight into final week of rehearsing towards PBDP’s Toronto season, he:she, has made the Eastern visit feel so far away already. Though this was a very special travel for me, so I wanted to note a little about it. Travel to New Brunswick, tour with Peggy and I alone, to be part of show& tell form of performance Inside the Art, and performing opening movement of Brute, all for the first time. I’m deeply grateful to be part of something I didn’t even think I could dream of.


6日間のFredericktonでの滞在から月曜日の夜に戻り、その翌日からPBDPのトロント公演、he:sheの最終リハーサルに入ったせいか、トロントを離れていたのはもう大分前の事の様に感じます。でもこの東カナダにての滞在は、特別な事がたくさんあったので、少しだけ記録しておこうかと。今回は、東カナダにあるNew Brunswickを始めて訪れただけでは無く、Peggyと2人だけでのツアーや、show&tellの様な解説付きの公演プログラム、Inside the Artに参加出来た事、Bruteという作品のオープニング・ムーヴメントを人前で踊れた事、など新しい事を多々体験出来ました。自分が経験出来ると思ってもみなかった事が体験出来て、私にとって思い出深い滞在となりました。

Finding out that beautiful photographer Makoto, also writes beautifully. His blog post just like his photos, he captures exactly what we’re up to and brings to a form that’s beautiful to share. Sitting in cafe bawling, deeply moved… hope you get a chance to read this!


The photos of Peggy’s new work, stone leaf shell skin, are quite stunning. Makoto Hirata is the man behind the camera who has captured these beautiful moments. Makoto tells us about what it’s like to photograph dance, and the experience he had while shooting Peggy and the dancers in rehearsal.

How did you come to know Peggy, and what was the first project you shot of the company?

MH: Life is full of unpredictable things and sometime the miracle is happening. Knowing Peggy Baker and her company dancers is one of those experiences for me.

I believe my life was far, far away from contemporary dance scene.

As a freelance photographer/reporter/blogger, I’m regularly attending major events in Toronto which are Honda Indy Toronto (high-speed motor sports), Rogers Cup Tennis Tournament, Caribbean Carnival, TIFF, Toronto Marlies, ISU Figure Skate competition also exploring coast to coast by VIA Rail, chasing Northern lights…

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I’ve been working sporadically since the start of this year. January started with two weeks western tour, where I got to visit Vancouver and Nanaimo for the first time, performing beautiful choreography, coalesce. Since getting back in Toronto, there was a studio showing of a different piece, assisted rehearsals with three different choreographies, completed grant writing for the first time (!!!), and then two weeks creation with Hanna Kiel. Working on different projects with different groups of people have been wonderfully stimulating and energizing. I love being busy dancing, so I’m taking it all in, enjoying every moment of it.  Performing Hanna’s piece for Dance Matters this weekend, then next week to work on two different choreographies. It’s a great feeling when I see my agenda full and find myself smiling…!


今年は2週間のWesternツアーから始まり、始めて訪れた VancouverとNanaimoにて2010年の作品coalesceを踊りました。そしてトロントに戻ってからは、違う作品でのスタジオ・ショーイング、3作品のリハーサルのアシスト、始めての助成金の申請、そして始めてお仕事させて頂いている振付家のHanna Kielとの2週間のクリエーション。気付いたら1月はすっかり過ぎていっていました。早いなぁ。。様々なプロジェクト、そして色んな方々とご一緒させて頂く事が、新鮮でとても良い刺激になっています。今週末はHannaの作品をDance Mattersの舞台で踊ります。そして来週からはPeggyの作品2つをリハーサル。踊る事で忙しいのは本望なので、埋まっているスケージュル帳をみて笑顔になっています。

* Please find details about Dance Matters show at the following link. Dance Mattersの舞台の詳細は次のリンクをご覧下さい。http://dancematters.ca/Upcoming_Shows.html

Here is final footage of tv commercial I got to be part of as choreographer/dancer. My credit is fancy, but true magical creators are Shin Sugino and his staff at Sugino Studio…! Enjoy:)

振付兼ダンサーとして参加させて頂いたTVコマーシャルの完成映像です。華やかなタイトルを頂いたのですが、実際こんな素敵な映像を創り上げたのは、Sugino Studioの杉野信也さんとスタッフの方々です。参加出来てよかった!

 Power of Movement   @powerofmovement



Four days in total, a weekend each in October and November, I got to work with a wonderful group & crew on a TV commercial. I got involved in this project by receiving an invitation late September by Shin Sugino, who is photographer and commercial director of Studio Sugino. He has read an interview I had with Nikka Times last season, and asked if I can be a choreographer for this commercial shoot. It was totally a great surprise but I felt totally incapable, that I first couldn’t take the offer. So deep thank you to Shin, he replied saying he still wanted me to take the job and that he can give better picture of the project by meeting in person. So I visited his studio, somehow got convinced about the whole thing and decided to take the job after all. Despite many of my worries, it turned out to be really nice experience; people at the studio treated us really well, my responsibility wasn’t as overwhelming as I thought it would be, and just being around this big space with fancy tools were like being in an amusement park. For the first time, I had to gather a group of dancers, and I feel so humbled by nine dancers who took part in this project. Their supportive presence definitely kept my nerves clam in this foreign environment. The whole process of creating was very different from what I’m used to, but being part of it made me realize how I really enjoy being around creative acts, as well as being around wonderful group of people. The commercial is planed to be aired in the new year, and I’m looking forward to see how the final product turns into.



 10月と11月に2日ずつの計4日間、とあるコマーシャルの撮影に参加しておりました。私にとって別世界のこのプロジェクトに参加したきっかけは、9月の始めに頂いた写真家でありCMディレクターの杉野信也さんからのメールでした。Nikka Timesでの私のインタビュー記事を読んで頂いて、今回のコマーシャルでダンサー兼振付家を探しているから参加しないか、との事。違う分野の方からお声を掛けて頂いたのは本当に嬉しかったのですが、目立つのも仕切るのも不得意な私にとっては不適格な役割としか思えず、最初は断ってしまいました。だからそのあと、一度お会いして詳細を話してから検討してください、という提案してくださった杉野さんには本当に感謝です。参加してみた結果、Sugino Studioのスタッフさん含め、今回のプロジェクトに関わったメンバー皆さんのお陰でとても良い経験となりました。今回始めて「ダンサーを集める」という役割があったのですが、声をかけさせて頂いた9人のダンサーには、集まって頂いて本当に嬉しかった! ダンサー仲間に助けられた部分も沢山あったし、何より一緒にお仕事したいと思っていた人達と時間が過ごせて嬉しかったです。 慣れない現場で始めての事が多かったですが、「創る現場」はやっぱりいいな、と改めて感じる事ができ、参加できて本当に良かったです。CMは新年にオンエアー予定。完成したものを見るのが楽しみです。