Sahara Morimoto introduced me to ILM treatments for which I am so grateful. She helped me through many emotional and physical struggles with empathy and humour.  I felt energized and relaxed after each session – an unique and wonderful combination. I can’t recommend Sahara highly enough for her personalized and thorough approach.


Natasha Frid Finlay

I am a physical theatre artist and mother. I started working with Sahara just before I became pregnant with my first child. I was instantly changed by the work, the experience and Sahara’s approach. I continued to see Sahara through my pregnancy and feel confident that the work was a significant part of my pain free pregnancy. Chronic back issues vanished quickly and I started to have a conversation with my body that continues to evolve and deepen my experience of my entire being. I have recently relocated outside of the Toronto area and miss my sessions with Sahara, though I have enjoyed connecting with her on line and look forward to opportunities to continue this life changing work from a distance.

Jennifer Dallas

Sahara is an incredibly intuitive and attuned practitioner. Receiving Ilan Lev method treatments from her has really opened up ways of being and moving that remind me of potential space and deep awareness that is available for exploration and support. Her joy for the method is infectious and inspiring. She is truly gifted and such an authentic human and invests such care and intention in her practice. 

Isla Craig